Saturday, March 24, 2012

So... what's this about?

Nearly everyone's got a blog of some sort. This is another one. Mostly, it exists to give me an outlet but also to keep me writing. I've been a sponge for media of any kind my entire life and I've been writing in one form or another almost as long. I'm a metalhead but I love old movies. I love to read but I also love it when shit blows up. That's more or less where I'm coming from: smart and stupid at the same time.

I don't score my reviews. Overall, I hate the numbers game in reviews these days. It feels lazy. If all you need is a numeric indication of an object's supposed quality from random strangers, you have Metacritic for that. There's a lot of stuff I love despite or even because of it's lack of polish or quality. Summing that up in numbers? It never seems to fit. I'd much rather talk it out.

I also keep comments turned off to anyone who isn't a contributor. Anyone who has ever looked at any comment thread anywhere knows why. If you like what I write, great! Please pass a link around. I don't require the validation of positive reinforcement. To the people who think that just because they have an opinion that they are obligated to share it? They can fuck off. The internet is a democracy but you don't walk into someone's house and shit on their living room floor. I'm writing this blog because I think I have something constructive to say about the things I love.

You're likely to see me writing about anything. Movies, music, books, video games, comic books, manga, anime, you name it. It's all just different ways of telling a story to me. Enjoy.

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